HYPERFocused (hyperfocused) wrote,

Me and Sarah Jane

Tonight was the communal Seder at my temple,it was the first time I'd been there since sometime earlyish last year, probably. Before I hurt my foot. I used the wheelchair just to be safe, because I haven't been walking much. Sat in a regular chair, though, because it was more comfortable. It was nice to see people I hadn't seen in ages, but the event itself was sort of meh. Family bias aside, it was better when my brother was Rabbi there. At least as far as Pesach is concerned. Speaking of which, happy Pesach to all celebrating.

I came home to everyone's sad posts about the passing of Elisabeth Sladen. Sarah Jane was always a favorite of mine, and I loved that she was a conduit from classic to New Who. I hadn't realized she was ill, so it's extra distressing news. I'm fairly sure I got to meet her at a convention or two back in the day.
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