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Why Nashville?

I really want to know what's up with homophobes coming to my city and spewing vitriol? There was Tracy Morgan yesterday, and apparently on Monday the Westboro Baptist Church people will be here. They're protesting at a soldier's funeral, and then at an Islamic center, and finally at my local Jewish Community Center. I think my temple, and I presume the others in town, will have a counterprotest.

In happier news, I've signed up for McShepMatch this year, with hopes that it will help me get over my slump. I missed it last year because I was doing so poorly physically, but it's a favorite challenge of mine, and I'm excited to get back into it.

In less happy news, but not the worst, my paid time ran out, and buying more is not in the budget. Unfortunately I'm left with mostly icons I rarely use. Now that I'm "free" I totally comiserate with everyone else who has to sit through the ads before LJ pages open.

So, how are you guys?
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